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A Product like Never Before! Never Ever! Get Ready to challenge your limits in screen printing.

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    Squeegee Pressure Equalizer System

    Revolutionary printhead technology with auto balancing system

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    Solid Aluminum Pallet

    Insulated special rubber coating to minimize heat loss for better print quality

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    Design & Construction

    Heavy-duty welded steel structure

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    Quality Inside And Out

    With easy retrogression feature, multiple layers of ink deposited for high definition

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    Precision Matters

    Innovative indexing mechanism with an accuracy of +/-5 microns

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    Print Stack Mode

    Stacks layers of ink for HD & speciality printing

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    Fully Loaded

    16+ features and everything you wished for in one machine!

Patent pending

Squeegee Pressure Equalizer System

The science of ink deposition on textiles is a key factor that determines print quality, speed, and profitability.

We are unique in bringing uniformity

  • Least number of print strokes
  • Reduced ink consumption
  • Sharper print quality
  • Lower running cost & higher production speed
Squeegee Pressure Equalizer System

Solid Aluminum Pallet with Rubber Coating

  • Reduced Ink Clogging
  • Reduced Flash Time
  • Smooth Surface for better Print Quality
  • Minimized Heat Loss
  • Faster Production
  • Consistent Image Density
Solid Aluminum pallet with Rubber Coating Solid Aluminum pallet with Rubber Coating

Pneumatic clamps hold frames tight and allow for rapid screen loading. Manual safety knobs maintain registration in the event of pneumatic air loss.


A Machine with Everything Built-In.Fully Loaded.

All inclusive so you won't have to choose between versions. No more compromises!

1 set of Solid Aluminum Rubber Coated Pallets

1 set of squeegee holders with squeegee rubber

1 set of Floodbars

Index Foot Pedal

Optical No Shirt Sensor with stand

Pneumatic Frame Locks

Squeegee Pressure Regulator

Front & Rear Micro Registration

Multi Print Mode Program

Print Stack Mode

Print-Start/Print-Finish Mode

Front-to-Back/Back-to-Front Squeegee Mode

Laser Registration Guide


Skip Foot Pedal

1 set of frames (30 X 52” / 75 X 130 cm)

Quality inside and out

Integrating the best components from across the globe

PLC & Display
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AC Motors
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Geared Motors
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Proxy Sensor
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Soft Top Rubber
& Tapes
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