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    Simple to set up and use, with sizes to fit most textile screen frames
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Stepwise Process for


Place the screen on the Tri-Loc I Series registration system. Lock the screen on all three sides.

triloc triloc

Align positives visually with all screens on same position. Expose, rinse and dry each screen.

triloc triloc

Remove the printing pallet and load the Tri-Loc I Series pallet. Load the first screen in the design and lock after positioning in the Tri-Loc pallet.

triloc triloc

Align all screens in the proper printing order using the same method and locking them in position using the Tri-Loc pallet. Replace the Tri-Loc pallet with the printing pallet.


Positive registration table

Eliminates the need for positive cutting, pasting and hand-alignment.

The three-point contact of the registration table and pallet jig mounted with a smooth roller bearing eliminate scratches on aluminium frames to avoid registration errors.

Spring-loaded clamps firmly hold the screens while aligning positives.

A fine-scale mounted on a diffused yellow lightbox avoids pre-exposure of emulsion while aligning positives on screens.

These clamps are adjustable to suit the various screen sizes of a particular model.

Registration pallet

The registration pallet, fabricated from a single piece of sheet metal, permits each frame to sit firmly and align accurately to the screen frame holder on each printhead.

The two lock pins below the pallet allow quick interchangeability between the machine pallet and the registration pallet.

The three-point contact on the registration pallet provides protection against screen frame scratches when moving the printheads up and down.

Preserving simplicity has made M&R a No.1 global company in the field of textile screen printing, and "Tri-Loc I Series" is the reflection of our invention.


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